Is Something DOA?

so i just built my pc and I plugged it into m monitorand my monitor displays "no sgnal from DVI" even you it is oviously plugged in. my GPu turns on and the fans go and the pc is turned on. what could be wrong? is this just a matter of a bad DVI a Bad GPU or a bad Monitor?

Maybe your bios is set to display from onboard graphics only?  Try plugging your monitor into your onboard display and adjust it in the bios - if you dont have onboard graphics then just try reseating all your cables and clear your CMOS if you have a button for that

Update I hooked up a VGA cable to my laptop and it is working on the monitor so I dont think its my Monitor.

Did you plug the monitor into the motherboard igpu or the gpu? Make sure its the gpu.

Make sure everything is seated correctly - gpu, ram, power cables etc.

Is your psu powerful enough to run your gpu? Does it meet the amp requirements? If its multi 12v rail be sure to use seperate pcie cables to power the card (if it requires more than 1x 6/8pin cable). 

Are there any beeps or error codes displayed on the board itself?

Are the motherboard standoffs in the right place and no strays are making contact with the board?

What exactly did you put together? Are all the parts - cpu & motherboard compatible?

If you dont have any luck take it out of the case and setup the board on a table, 1 stick of ram, no hdds, and just plugged into the motherboard graphics output. Plus keyboard. That fails - swap out ram - that fails could be the board (quite possible) or in rare instances the cpu although I highly doubt it.

If you have two DVI ports on your video card try them both (one will useualy be digital only and one will be digital and analog)

If your monitor cant handle digital only you will get no signal

Make sure that all of your power cables are plugged in correctly and well seated. If the 8 pin cpu aux power isn't plugged in well, it will do that (happened to me once).

ok so I got it working. as it turns out i was too much of a pussy with my RAM and it wasnt seated correctly. one good push helped that. Thank you all!