Is RAGE worth it?


Some people hate it, some people love it.... At least thats what I seem to see.

It's on sale for $7.50 (Only 6 hours left), so what does everyone reckon? worth it? Or not?
(I know, only $7.50.... but still :P) 

It's definitely worth it for that price. It's a pretty fun game, it took me 22 hours to complete.

Good shooting, brilliant environments, and amazing graphics. Not as good as Fallout or STALKER, it's a bit more of a forgettable game, but still worth the money.

Well i've had a few friends play it and they've said it is good but very short.

I enjoyed it, so i would say yes.

still broken on 7000 series ati cards, if you have an nvidia card then no worries

just warning you as I spent ages trying to get it to work with my 7970 quite recently (about a month back)

I would say yes.  Its not a phenominal game but for less than $10 its a steal.  Loved the mechanics and smoothless of the game overall, just seemed like it needed a bit more polish to everything else.

Oh damn, I have a 7950 (and bought RAGE last night)... we'll just have to see how it goes.

Let me know how you get on, i gave up in the end and uninstalled it. Tried it with a 7970 and a 7850, which led me to believe that the problem was with all 7000 cards.

The cock up over Rage was a very dark period for amd (darker than normal I mean :D).

AMD blamed id, id blamed amd.. and all the while nvidia owners were laughing their heads off.

Ok, I will do. It'll be a while before I get around to playing it - and a while before I can even get it installed, internet in Australia isn't exactly world leading and its a 17Gb download! :O haha.

Ok, downloaded it, and played it for a bit over an hour, it is running pretty well on the 7950, but I had to do some fixes to get it working first, I get pretty much a constant 60 FPS, except when I'm driving it drops a little and stuff. But heres what I did for anyone else having troubles.


Watch this youtube video, and make the id software\rage folder he suggests, takes up a gig, but it made it work quite a lot better just with this... still stuttery though.

Also, I added the launch options in the description; it disables intro movies, not sure exactly what the other stuff does though. Heres the launch options:

+cvaradd g_fov 12 +com_skipIntroVideo 1 +image_anisotropy 16 +image_usecompression 0 +g_showplayershadow 1 +m_smooth 1

I then also did this:

Which seemed to fix texture pop in, and I think the textures are a bit higher res now too. I used the 1.5GB + file, as I have a 7950... I think this fix is basically what Recon-UK posted, but it's also got a few more things in the config file, again, not sure what everything is exactly, but it fixes texture pop in pretty well.

With these fixes it runs at 40-60 fps, I have only tested for about 5 minutes, but with that fix from the steam forums, I didn't really notice much stutter either - game looked quite jerky before, even when running at 60fps.



Hope this helps people :)


Ok, still a bit of stuttering.... 

Also, just in case you didn't know; hit F5 to save, really handy as there is no autosave.

I spent ages trying to get it to play stutter free testing on both the 7850 that I had and a 7970, didnt acheive it so ended up uninstalling the game.

Its annoying as it doesnt look like it will ever be fixed properly for 7000 series graphics cards.