Is r9 290x really worth it?

I have been reading about this card. I have seen that it has high temps and has black screen when you use it.

Is this video card really worth it?

If it's cheap and it performs fast - it's worth it. Don't worry about the rumors - it's the same thing they said about the R9 280x before I even bought it, but nothing seems to be wrong after a year of use. If you do encounter any problems with the R9 290x that doesn't break the warranty, just RMA it.

Yes it and its little brother the R9 290 are great cards and are really cheap right now.

R9 290 with the lovely Tri X cooler- $249.99

R9 290X also with the Tri X Cooler- $299.99


Plus, with the AMD cards you get three free games too. People forget that and it adds a fair bit of value to the cards.

If you need it now, yeah it's worth every penny.

I'm personally going to wait for AMD's 20nm process, and run 2x 380(X).

Okay, sounds good guys I appreciate the feedback.

Think Kraken g10 and some heatsinks and overclock the crap out of it? Buts thats me.


Tri-X >>>> G10

Cheaper too since (iirc) the Tri-X is the cheapest 290x right now.


Yes. The Tri X does a really good job too. Plus with the G10 even with the fan the rest of the card gets pretty hot. 

Water cooling your gpu is where at.  i have several closed loop coolers that people have given me with regret on their face.(trying to cool their cpus with too small of an aio)I will agrue that in order to make the most out of your gpu, it will not be air.

Admittly with the g10 you have to heatsink but that is also cheap. i get 16 for 12 dollars.

If you do the g10 right plus heatsinks thats bs.

The 290 and 290x are both good cards but do NOT buy models with the reference cooler. The reference cooler was woefully inadequate for both cards and led to high temps and throttling. Non reference coolers are far better and fix this problem.

R9 290 with the lovely Vapor X cooler- $249.99

Ohh thanks for catching that! Even better haha

But i will for cheap and water cool then and overclock better than you can have with air. :)~ A 290 in the mid to sub three hundred.