Is piledriver done? is amd sticking with steamroller?

i been wondering for a while about that the piledriver cpus will not be replaced in the fx line. and that steamroller is the new cpu.

i wonder if going with apu just makes more sense. i see asus making gaming motherboards for the fm2+ that can use 2600mhz ram.

Amd is building a new architecture from the ground up, that's why it's a bit stagnant on the amd side right now.

First you need to understand that there is little difference between piledriver, steamroller, and excavator. Steamroller is a revision of piledriver which was a revision of bulldozer and the primary change between these architectures is power and thermal efficiency and from all the data I've seen on steamroller there is minimal performance increase between steamroller and piledriver.

Now to answer your question AMD will most likely not produce steamroller based FX chips because there is likely a massive overstock of the piledriver chips that they are trying to get rid (I doubt AMD has manufactured a wafer of FX 8000 series dies in a while). AMD seems set on binning and selling the leftover FX dies while carrying out any further revisions to the CMT architecture on the APUs until CMT gets killed off by the Zen architecture around 2016.

Go with an APU if you want but be warned Carrizo (the next APU) will still remain on FM2+ therefore chances of seeing anything on the level of FX series performance wise will be non existent.

i am worried about cpu+gpu being replaced by all apu.

That won't happen, for power users a dedicated CPU and GPU will always win over an APU because thermal restrictions will limit how far they can go. I have an APU and I will say that when the iGPU was on thermals were a disaster even with a hyper 212

I Mean but is the apu performance good enough? aka to play most games at medium settings and power two monitors ?

i see you have 8 gb of ram on your rig. do you video render?

No I do not render, but if you want to see how Richland may performs in video rendering here

Kaveri from what I've seen only performs slightly better than my Richland part in Cinebench

i have recently got a laptop with the kaveri a-10 7300 mobile apu. I used Cyberlink power director with hardware acceleration . i think it renders good.

CPUs are all-but-dead. Its an old model of doing things, and has been replaced with a much more effective process. AMD and Intel are both putting relatively powerful GPUs inside of their CPUs. All mainstream products will have this going forward, gone are the days of crappy onboard video.

There is nothing wrong with the LGA1150 CPUs form Intel or the FM2+ CPUs from AMD. They are all good parts and are very well rounded. You can even do some casual GAMING on these integrated graphics. Tell me that was going to happen 5 years ago....LOL Plus AMD has HSA and HUMA. Things are going to be interesting. 

Now that doesn't mean we wont still see niche products like the LGA2011 platform on the Intel side, but AMDs current FX lineup is dead, barring maybe another refresh cycle next year. The platform is still basically based on a 7-series chipset... which was released in 2008. The Bulldozer CPU line was first created in 2011. Dont expect ANYTHING TRULY NEW until 2016 for this niche market on the AMD side of things.


AMD is comming in 2016 with zen. piledriver vishera is just dead.

Your question about FM2+ and 2600mhz ram. the reason why this platform support such highspeed ram, is very simple, its be cause of the APU´s, the graphic processor inside the apu, uses the ram to work with, so how faster the ram is, how better an apu wil perform.

However if you are using a dedicated gpu, then 2600mhz doesnt make any sense for gaming. you wont see any diffrence in gaming performance between 1600mhz and 2600mhz ram. if you are using a dedicated gpu.

About the question AM3+ vs FM2+, Well if you are planning to grab a dedicated gpu, then i would just go with AM3+. Because the FX processors are still faster then any apu in terms of raw performance.

If you are building a rig for pure gaming, And you could afford a i5-4690K, and a dedicated gpu. then i would recommend to go this route. Because the unlocked haswell cpu´s are just better in gaming. Intel haswell cpu´s just have a much better single threaded performance, on which allot of indie and mmo´s games still relay on, now days.