Is PC industry going to die?

It just cross my mind that PC gaming is not going to be here forever. Or maybe it will be, just being replaced something else, ie laptops and smartphones.

Like how the oil industry crashed, and crippling several of the oil dependent countries (like it contributes more than half of their economy), but at the same time flourishing the countries/company that uses oil for manufacturing or ones who don't rely on it.

I don't know any better actually. Like I said it just cross my mind. And i think it will be interesting to hear your thoughts on it.

Well, phone amd mobile gaming is been here for a while amd PC gaming isn't going anywhere...
It will not last forever, but I am counting more on holographic projection than VR, especially not on today's VR implementation, that cost trice my monthly salary to get all the proper equipment for it and need a room etc...
Anyways, it will just be replaced.
People played cards and table tops, then consoles, now PC and mobile. God knows what will come up next.

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Game-wise, prolly the PC will become more of a hub in the future, having all the high-end hardware and whatnot it's not going anywhere but you might stream games to other devices instead of playing on the actual PC.

Maybe the role that the big tower to your right plays changes a bit (in home streaming, media server, IOBT (internet of broken things, etc.) but it will stay.
In the industry, some jobs require only notebooks or just a smartphone that works as a hub for keyboard and bigger screen, others (like mine) require tons of local compute power.

It will not die! Everything that has I/O today is basically a PC. The industry will change, but not die.

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I anticipate that PC culture is here to stay; at least as long as we're around. Hardware and software will have to change to meet the demands of the market though. Certainly, energy usage is something many people are looking at when purchasing upgrades. I love AMD, but I can't believe how hot their GPUs run and a 275W TDP is getting a bit silly.

Not going anytime soon. Consider all the workstations that will need to be upgraded to deal with higher and higher resolutions... Games will want to optimize for the higher resolutions as well. Maybe someday, but not in my lifetime.

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I will eventually not care anymore, as will most gamers, so it won't matter by then. Not to me anyways.

Meanwhile I'm still sad about Iwata 3:

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The pc or gaming is not going anywhere. My main form of entertainment is gaming. Not tv/cable/ netflixs. People still need strong pcs to push pixels and various other tasks. Mobile devices have gained a lot of traction but still are slaves to battery life :)

Is human population going to die?

When? No clue, we're doing just fine at this moment.

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The nature of computing is changing. Form factors are merging. MS's Tablets and Asus's Transformer mix tablet and laptop with desktop docks. Windows phones have continuum and Ubuntu with convergence.

As @crosscarbon mentioned you will see home servers doing most of the heavy computing including gaming. Of course these won't be called servers they will be "home/entertainment hubs".

Other possibility is that the cloud will win but I doubt it due to limits of the speed of light and the latency that causes.


These days, technology does not die; it becomes a niche interest. People have been saying, "The PC is dead! Tablets are IN!" for years.

Maybe 30 years ago, when there was only so many channels on TV to watch, only so many items to browse at a store or in a catalog, would tech actually die off. Now, it falls deep into the Internet with the dedicated few.


It will die, just as the last 10 times it was said that it will die. /sarcasm

As long as there are people willing to put more money into a machine to get better performance PC will live. As long as consoles are not truely upgradeable (ergo, you get to pick parts like with apple products) and they natively support mouse&keyboard, PC is going nowhere.

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Just no. laptops will never fully replace PC's. The only niche they fill that a desktop cannot, is that it's easier to transport and use on the move. And smartphone gaming is utter wank when compared to what you can do on a PC.

PC's are here to stay.

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Already doing this with a nvidia shield. I live in the future.


Yeah no, not happening

The black box on the side of the desk will continue to be the symbol of gaming


VR and mobile AR. Embrace your future. Performance will plateau and efficiency will rise making the PC smaller and more mobile.

Things will change for certain. But not die.

Except they aren't niche, if anything, desktops are the minority now. Especially custom built ones despite how awesome they can be for cheap.

Portability makes for a very valuable asset. And laptops these days perform well anyways. Wish I can say the same for Tablet PCs, those are great for me to use. But GPU performance is underpowered.

Sigh, someone said it earlier, but the speed of light is the limitation. Even if we get quantum computers running 0-1-and 2's on an eyeball implant, proximity will matter. The heavy lifting cannot be in the cloud at this point.

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If the Mobile market wasn't such crap, I would have heavily invest more into it more. With ARM being Open Source and whatnots. I am still debating on getting an NVidia Shield K1 or not though, for $200 seems real nice. I haven't decided because I am still rocking my Surface Pro 2 and that tablet is old, it came out the same time the PS4 and Xbox One did.

I said they fulfill a niche. Not that they are one.

The only thing they have which is beneficial over a desktop, is portability. And for a working person, it's an ideal thing to have.

Also, price is another factor.