Is Patriot Blast any good?


I am planning to upgrade my PC to SSD startup, after being very happy with an SSD in my laptop, I'm planning to switch my desktop PC to SSD for a boot drive. I already got the size down for cloning on a 480GB drive and I'm thinking about what disk to choose. The Patriot Blast is about 10$ cheaper than any other and it seems to have the same R/W speeds.

Has anyone got any experience with Patriot Blast 480 version, or Patriot Blast in general?

And as a side question, is there any software which I can use to migrate games and programs I don't want on the SSD back to the HDD?

Thanks a lot, guys.

My brother has the 120GB Blast. It's definitely a fine product for daily use. Has had it for like a year and a half. Personally in that price range, you could look into a Crucial option with much better support. I remember my Crucial drive came with Acronis which is good at migrating data over, though you probably will just need to reinstall games and such.

One of the guys I know uses 2 240gb ones, he's had no complaints yet

I would definitely go with crucial here. They have a good software suite for cloning which is nice when swapping ssds.. ESPECIALLY with Win10

OK, Crucial is the other cheap brand we have in this part of the world. I've already got an install/migrate/clone CD from Adata (the SSD in my laptop came with one).

Alternatively, for about $10 more, I can get a Kingston HyperX Fury 480GB SSD. It's faster in Read/Write (at least on paper), and it seems it could do the same as the crucial.

I know Kingston did the bait&switch, but could the Fury be something better? If I'm going to drop approx. 180$ on something, might as well do it properly.

Samsung Evo 850 500GB is the way to go.

5 year warranty and migration/magician software.

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That isn't actually that much more expensive, I could go with that. What is the "Magician" software about?

The magician software is basically the best software available for migrating data from your old drive to the new samsung. I've used acronis, and the included magician software that comes with samsung drives is just better.

The 850 EVO is gonna be the best TLC NAND product you can get right now. The magic they do with TLC is phenomenal. Crucial is what I recommended because at least in the US market, a BX200 is on average 30-40 bucks cheaper and is still great in terms of warranty and write durability.

The HyperX Fury is also a good product. Its hard to go wrong with any SSD as long as the brand is reputable. Kingston being the only one who tried to take advantage of that and learned greatly from it.

EDIT: The HyperX Fury is also MLC NAND based if you really care on the whole MLC vs TLC.

Samsung Magician is a set of tools for tweaking your SSD and running benchmarks.

Here's an image of Magician using a new Evo I installed on one of my machines recently.

If Samsung isnt that much more expensive then go for it. I had a crucial mx100 and it died after one year. Though unlike my asshole retailer( crucial actually seems to have a good warranty policy so I got a full refund. Now I'm running a patriot ignite and it's great

I had an early Patriot Pyro 120GB SSD and it failed on me (my fault). I replaced it with the Samsung 850 EVO 512GB. One thing I like about the Magician software is that I was able to prioritize reliability over speed (by reducing drive capacity). It's still plenty fast, even compared to when I had 2 SSD's in RAID 0.