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Is any good


Apparently it’s hip in Sweden and I liked some of the parts I read like storage-less servers (so I guess they load software to ramdisk and remove boot media or similar), not that I take it as watertight but a nice addition.

Any thoughts on them?

Not that many exit countries so if you want Netflix Espaniol you’re out of luck.


Reading through some of the technical stuff they seem to know what they are talking about. Though I would personally have a couple of questions about the ramdisk they are running.

They don’t seem to have exit nodes in countries not already under massive surveillance which is concerning.

Personally, I’ve used Private Internet Access which has been good for the most part. But p2p and torrenting is kinda fucked. But they have a ton of exit nodes!


my thoughts:

if you rely on the good will of ANY third party you are rolling the dice.


I’m gonna roll with the lesser of two evils here as there is not really a way of avoiding a third party unless you build this solutions yourself


why is p2p fucked?


Not sure, just never get good speeds while torrenting.


(Totally un-related to the main thread but…)

Sounds like a stateful firewall issue. As a firewall (or anything doing NAT) needs to known what is returning traffic and where to send it, a state table allows for traffic you’ve requested to not get blocked when returning and also get sent to the right place. However, as torrenting opens multiple connections with multiple endpoints it sounds like there is a limit being imposed by PIA on their end (likely to prevent resource hogging or QoS for other users).


Ah, good point!


ive had this issue. i read you can “open ports” if you use the windows GUI


So if you haven’t seen this you should check out some of these VPN services and see what all you care about before selecting one thats “hip” in a certain country.

Also, ovpn is a type of protocol and many services allow you to simply download their certificate and the raw .ovpn files so you can implement your VPN at the level which suits you.


Off topic but I had the same problem until I followed this


I’m not sure about the heuristic used for scoring, some things like not accepting donations and not donating to privacy causes are penalized and so is not having an ethical copy policy for both the VPN provider and their affiliates.

The data might be useful but some of the scoring is nonsensical.


This is all I was going for… I’m not going to tell you what you should use… you should be the one doing that.

The community is here to provide the information necessary to make a good decision (trying to follow Wendell’s fine example)