Is one exhaust fan enough?

I'm building a general purpose PC. Using the Cougar Spike uATX case.

i5, Gigabyte GA-H81M-HD3, 16GB HyperX ram, 2TB HDD, 240 SSD, GTX 750TI gpu.


I like the Cougar Spike uATX case. It comes with a 120mm exhaust fan in back. There is room for a 120mm intake fan in the front, and 2x 120mm fans on the side.

Does ANYBODY use side fans anymore? Is that still a thing?? Should they go INTAKE or EXHAUST ??


Reviews say that I could mount a 120mm fan up front OUTSIDE the case, inside the front bezel. Is that a good thing?? Why would I do that instead of mounting a fan inside the case??


More importantly, do I even NEED another fan besides the rear exhaust fan that comes with the case??


My only concern is that the side panel works AGAINST me... I visualize air flow going going in the side panel and out the back, bypassing the CPU, the graphics card, and whatever flow would go beneath the HDD.

I'm leaning towards using no additional fans... but I'm willing to spring for a $12 intake fan up front... I'd put in INSIDE unless there's a good reason not to.

Would love to hear some opinions !!! 

It should work, but having a intake in the front and a exhaust at the back will greatly improve temps.  Pick up a relatively cheap fan for the intake.

as far as side fans, it really depends on how many intake and exhaust you already have and the type of cooler on your graphics card