Is Occulus pooping where it eats

There getting a lot of attention for DRM in their product. Just saw another new article on there not letting Vive owners play Rift games.

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Then let Occulus die.
I could not care less.


Occulus died when it was scooped up by facebook.

Vive is clearly where it's at now.


It will be interesting to see what happens when the other 100 VR helmet makers come out with their products. If the walled garden that is Occulus Store is still closed to only their hardware, THEN they will truly be in trouble (Facebook that is).

I think they made a mistake not releasing the hand controllers with the Occulus on launch, I mean they were demoing them off for ages and they WORKED fine!

My only gripe with the vive (and the reason I would/will) get the Oculus is dont you have to have like 4 cameras positioned all over the place and a big room to use it? Not that I'm hyped at all about VR TBH, but if I did get it I would just want a headset personally, if Im going to have to get up and jump around waving my arms I would rather go outside tbh... looks to me like another WII lol but with graphics this time.

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2 Cameras and you don't have to run around, you just have the option too. Personally, even if I was just going to use it seated, I would go for the Vive. The extra $100 just seems worth it for the better product and the option of movement if I want it.


Bought by Facebook.
Price hikes.
Delayed Pre orders,
No dedicated controllers,
More delays.
Retail gets theirs before pre orders.
No room scale.
Complete lack of communication on all fronts.

Yeah that look like shit on the dinner plate all right.


Okay thanks, sorry for my presumptions, I'm not really following them that closely, I will be more interested when they come down in price...

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Yeah going to be a while until I invest in the tech as well, I'm only just upgrading from my laptop to a desktop now. Plus with exchange rates and shipping to New Zealand they might be close to $2000...

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Yeah I am interested how long until V2 comes out! will this be one of those tech products that almost immediately gets a version 2 to fix all the issues and bugs users find? cough every apple release cough

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I don't think so, thanks to Occulus DK 1 & 2 most issues have been ironed out. Most improvements will be drivers for headsets and GPU's while the tech matures. Any future changes in hardware will be higher resolutions and refresh rates, but we have to wait for GPU tech to catch up a little more as well. Performance is being pushed as it is.

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I'm sure there's a demo available near you so go try one before completely writing the first gen hardware off.

If the resolution was a step higher then I'd keep my Vive. For VR written games they take that in to account and draw the scene appropriately. As soon as you apply the headset to another usage then the limited resolution and SDE (screen door effect) becomes obvious and annoying, certainly to me anyway. Watching vids in general is OK and 3D films is much better than active/passive TVs but not very socialble :)

What did it for me though was games like Project Cars which are adapted to run with it and there's not enough res to draw anything beyond the immediate vicinity with any clarity. Car interiors are great but do you really look at that when racing!

Again the VR titles are superb and immersive but that's not enough to keep me interested for more than few weeks with the current titles. So yeah I'll try again with the next gen and coincidentally cancelled my Oculus pre-oder today which was just about to ship. Vive should be sold via Ebay tomorrow no financial loss either at the price they are still going for here.

This VR companies are better off locking exclusive features like AMD and Nvidia does, than locking down the whole game like they do in video game console market. That way, they can still have their little cock flexing while gamers still enjoy the games without having to buy both.

Very valid points, I think your right until hardware to run these headsets catches up there isn't much point, 4K is a case and point as far as that goes, even 1080 can't do 4k "properly"

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I used Revive to play the Oculus demos and even bought Dread Halls to play which worked great on my Vive. Though made me a hot n bothered after 20 mins or so due to the free movement. Not quite nauseous bu definitely uncomfortable.

Hasn't taken long for the author to bypass the recent Oculus updates.

Didn't Oculus just revoke DRM again?
Could post my source video but it's German (from Gamestar).

Very true.

For what it's worth, they're not actually cameras. They're IR emitters and don't actually connect to anything other than power.

There are cameras setup around the room to track the position by looking at those ir emitters.

You're thinking of the Rift. The way the Rift works is the headset has a bunch of IR emitters on it, and then you have IR cameras hooked up to your computer that use image processing to track you.

The way the Vive works is it has passive base stations that sweep IR light across the room and the headset has IR detectors. It uses the difference in time between detections to calculate the position. More info on how that works can be found here.