Is now a good time to buy upgrades?

Dear Tek S,


Payday is coming up soon as the end of the months draws near, and I'm thinking about getting some upgrades. Specifically a new Motherboard and CPU. I've got 8 gigs of 1600 ram, a 750 watt corsair platinum rated PSU, a gtx 770, and a kingston hyper X ssd, and most of those are more recent upgrades over the years, but I've been holding on to this mobo and cpu for almost 5 years now. I've got a i5 750 lynnfield (first gen?) on a asus board p7p55D e LX.


I was thinking about getting a 4670k (~$240), and an asrock z87 extreme 4 (~$140), but now I'm not sure if its a good time to buy if there is a new processor around the corner.


Thoughts on the market right now in terms of pricing, and on the new products coming in the future? Wait to buy? buy now?

I would at least wait till the haswell refresh thats coming up soon, see how that turns out in the benchmarks. No K series refresh date announced yet and it might not even be worth it in the end. It really depends on what your doing and what the budget is.

when is the next refresh? and do you think the new processors would be better enough than the current ones to wait?

I would wait for the haswell refresh as well, if you want to overclock that is. The new unlocked 1150 CPUs are supposed to be better overclockers due to some changes they've made (can't find the article right now). The i5 4670k isn't absolutely terrible when it comes to OCing, but it's far from ideal. The i5 4670k is a really nice CPU, it's up to you if you want to wait.

Its never a good time to upgrade haha. But yea I would personally wait until next refresh. I'm also running a first gen, i7 920, I havent got a reason to upgrade yet. I gonna hold out til broadwell 14nm.

If there is a refresh or new platform on the horizon, it can be a good idea to wait. I don't think this Haswell refresh will bring any significant changes to the table, but I'll hold off on claiming that until we see some numbers.

I started my build when Ivy Bridge was popular but ended up waiting just a little longer to go with Haswell as its release was just around the corner at the time. I figured might as well go with the latest technology. 

Go for it. You'll feel the speed. Your pc will make you harder, faster and stronger. Make sure to sli two 780ti's whilst you're at it for the gusto feeling. You rock, ok. ok