Is Netdom Useless?

I created a lab environment in VMWare Workstation last night in an effort to help me with my latest Microsoft exam. Instead of using the GUI for most things, I'm trying to do command line and Powershell to reinforce my knowledge.
I have created a domain and attempted to add a Windows 8.1 VM to it using Netdom from the Domain Controller's command line. I was able to successfully run the command to add the machine, (we'll say Client1). However, I noticed that when on the client after a reboot, it's still not on the domain. To test, I used netdom to add a fake machine to the domain. Lo and behold; success.
Now, when trying to remove said fake machine, I am not permitted to do so because "The network path was not found". So, how do I remove the machine from the domain if it doesn't exist in the first place? Better yet, why am I able to add a machine that doesn't exist to the domain in the first place?
The wonders of the command line trouble me yet.