Is my rig bottle necked?

Ok simple i have a gtx 550 ti and an fx 4100


The 550ti is definitely the weaker of the two

upgrade to a ?

You can run most all cards without a bottleneck. If you were bottlenecking it would be obvious. The FX4100 is very modern especially considering its not very old at all. My Phenom II X4 965 can run plenty of cards (just not going to 7990) and not bottleneck. Bottlenecking is when per-say you have a Dual Core say Phenom II X2 with a GTX 680


Check the local prices of a HD7770 card Baroneboi, they are usually similar price to the 550ti but offer more performance. Here is a bench of the HD7770 vs the 550ti.

All rigs are bottle necked.

Ok john C sounds good