Is my RAM compatible with a Z87 motherboard?

Hey guys, I'm about to upgrade my motherboard and processor to the ASUS Z87-A and the Intel i5-4670K but I don't know if I need to buy new ram. I have the Team Xtreem Dark Series 2x4GB that worked fine with my AM3+ motherboard, but I've heard that you can't use certain voltages with Haswell. Do I need to buy a new set of RAM, or am I fine with what I have? Thanks for the help!

Yes, it will work fine.

This memory works just fine with Haswell.

Tom's Hardware has an article which you might find useful:

To summarize, you don't want RAM over 1866 MHz, and you don't want voltages above 1.5V either. So basically, you're good.

Thank you! That's a huge load off my mind and wallet.

well technically you want higher frequency ram with lower voltages if possible, that being said if your running higher clocked ram your likely to need a higher voltage, currently running kingston hyper X beast ram 2400mhz kit under and intel stress test with my 4770k (running stock)i will system crash after about 30 minuets running at the recommended 1.65 volts after some digging i found that i wasent the only one and that bumping up to 1.7 volts was actually necessary to achieve stability even though, also keep in mind that on the intel platform its a good idea to just enable the xmp setting in bios. 

well it will work no problem.