Is my psu powerful enough?

Hey Nice People of Tek Syndicate I semi urgently need your help.

I built my pc last week; it went well except i may have broken a stick of ram, but that's not important. 

I have a 550w OCZ fty psu

x1 HIS iceq turbo HD 7870

AMD FX 8320

8gb ddr3 Gskill ripjaws 

Asrock 990fx extreme 3

3 case fans

and a Coolermaster TX3 evo, obviously with the fan.

My Graphics card drivers stop responding all the time. I read up on this and aparently its most likely i dont have enough power going to my gcard.

The psu is 83% efficent. 

Do i need a higher wattage psu or what?

that psu is a not a 80+ bronze or better certified psu, so that could be  an issue.

Normaly for a setup like this a 550W 80+ bronze should be enough to work well. but a decent 550W 80+ bronze/gold is something i personaly recommend. but which AMD drivers did you installed?

p.s i dont move this topic to psu section, because this could also be some other problem, not psu related!.

I hate ocz products with a passion high fail rates on EVERYTHING thay put there name on.

550w will be pushing it a little if you have overclocked your cpu and gpu

Do you think this will be okay?

The XFX is a good solid psu  (basically a seasonic psu)

Why recommending such large PSUs? This man's PSU is way more than enough. It doesn't mean it's a super high quality unit, but it's more than enough. 650W for a single 7870 is pointelss; you could run two or more 7870s off of that PSU. 

Also, efficiency has nothing to do with the delivery of the power. You could have a 100W 80+ Titanium PSU trying to power a Titan Quad SLI config and it wouldn't work, but you could have a 1600W non-80+ PSU powering Titan quad SLI and be just fine; the efficiency only impacts how well it converts AC to DC, not how well it delivers the rated wattage.

i see that i had recommend the wrong psu

i ment this one:

like i said in my first post, a 550W 80+ bronze should be fine.  but i can tell you that a 80+ bronze certified could realy help in therms of stability, i had a CM GX750W lite psu, was not 80+ bronze certified, and it was realy struggeling with my 7870.

But i personaly think that, that there could be some other issue. he did not ansewr my question, about which AMD drivers he installed.. i recommend to install the AMD 13.4 Driver. because i think its not a psu issue.

Sorry i was afk. Thanks for the help.

Im looking into returning my psu and getting something else.

I think its an issue with psu because no.1 I added up all my components The website recomends 650w +

and no.2 this thread says it could be that there isnt enough wattage going to the graphics card.

Update: while posting this I've realised it could be to do with my dodgy ram module, if you read down on the last link i posted.

Don't trust that website. Your GPU is getting way more than enough wattage with a 500W PSU. You probably don't exceed 370W under 100% load both CPU and GPU.

There is a registry hack for the drivers. Windows has a thing called TDR, it means Timeout Detection and Recovery. So it is basically a windows problem this should work. There is a video included

I would Like to try this but i cant. The youtube video is half green and soon after i start it the display driver crashes.

could there maybe be something wrong with the GPU it self? did you do a clean windows install on your new build?

I did do a clean windows install. And im thinking the gpu might be the problem.


I Now have a Corsair CX750m Psu.

The display driver still crashes and now it seem windows likes to restart whenever it wants.

So... Im now going to swap the ram out and re-install windows. I mean ffs cant it just work?