Is my PSU good enough?

I am planning on upgrading my graphics card in the near future, can I run an hd 7770 on a crappy 500 watt power supply?


my current system:

cpu: fx 8120

board: Gigabyte GA-78lmt-usb3

ram: patriot 8gb

hdd: western digital caviar green

gpu: hd 6670

psu: diablotek 500 watt


PS. I'm kind of a noob any help would be appreciated.


I would replace that power supply when you upgrade.  The one you have is not high quality and probably cant even deliver 500w

Hard to tell, itll probably be pretty close. Your ``500w´´ PSU cant even deliver 300w on the 12 v rails. If it can even deliver the rated wattage it will be pretty much under 100% load if the cpu and GPU are stressed. You could try running prime 95 and furmark simultaneously with your current setup, if your psu doesnt shut down or catches on fire itll probably power the 7770 in games, though its not advisable.

It would probably be the best to get an inexpensive proper psu like a evga 500w or a xfx 550w and a 7850 2 gb or something similar ( for low cost 1080p gaming with high settings).

Would either an Antec basiq 500 watt or Corsair cx430 be enough? If so which one?

Thanks in advance!

You can check your power usage here
(Just an estimate!)

It says your system with a 7770 will draw 339W and recommends a EVGA 500 :-)