Is my Psu able to support my Gpu?

My Gpu is a: R7 265 and my Psu is: Cs 450 M. My Gpu recommends 500W or so, I don't plan to overclock any time soon so will my Psu be enough?

yes, provided the rest of your system isnt some freakish beast.

So is a 6 core AMD Cpu and a basic mobo is ok i hope xD

Yes. Just to give you an idea, I tried crossfire with a 7970 and a 7950, and the TOTAL system power consumption was about 550w at peak in Unigine Valley. With only the 7970 installed my system draws about 320w from the wall at load.

Your single R7 has plenty of power.

Yes. I doubt your system would draw more than 300w

ahh ok :D