Is my pc broken?


The other day i was doing some gaming playing Battle Field 4 when my power supply sparked. I very quickly was able to turn off the machine before a fire could arise. The PSU wasn't of highest quality it was an EAGLE psu 600 watts it wasn't 80 plus certified. I am going to buy a corsair PSU tomorrow of higher quality. Should i do that or not? Also is my computer fried? if so which parts? I am really hope i can swap these parts and not have these problems.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


wont know till you install your new PSU. could have fried your motherboard, killed your HD, your GPU, anything that was directly connected to your  PSU.

My gpu didnt have any direct power for the PSU it only required power from the motherboard... is there hope for the gpu? 

stands a better chance of being undamaged.

if your pc was running still when your psu sparked i would think things are fine.

do you have a really old crap system that you could test that PSU on it? I'm not saying if it works keep using it.

I had a similar problem when I build mine. I plugged it in and a large spark jumped out the back. never worked again. had to RMA it

yeah, I would get a new PSU. sparks are never good around pc's, especially the PSU.

This is one of those classic cases where it's blantantly obvious cheaping out on a PSU is never a good solution to budget issues... Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, Fractal Design.... pick the cheapest that will power your PC and leave +100 watts... be wary of non modular PSU's if you have a small case

I got a new psu: Corsair 500 Watts and 80 plus bronze. When pluged it in it didnt turn on then when i took outh the 4 pin cpu connector everything turned on except the cpu. is my cpu broken or is my motherboard?