Is My Overclock Fine?

specs: AMD 8-core 8350 4ghz

           AMD SAPPHIRE HD 7950 Vapor-X OC at 1.125v 1100core clock and 1300 memory clock 

           NZXT Phantom full tower case i have 8 fans running in tota

im new to this overclocking but i was wondering if this is a safe overclock. i have power limit on 20+ percent and stock volts (1.125v) 1100core and 1300 memory, idle temps 38C and load 62C i live in phoenix arizona so its hot here but room temp is around 29C i was also wondering if i could go higher with the clocks? thanks for reading.


Perfectly safe; go higher!

is there like a video or something that can help me because i'm uncomfortable to bump up voltage, i don't know how much i should bump it up. and what happens if i don't bump up the volts and i continue to increase my clock speeds and such?

First of all, when I am OCing my GPU, I keep Furmark running to test stability the ghetto way.

Increase the frequency, and watch your temps. If Furmark runs for a few minutes without any artifacts or the display drivers crashing, then increase it more, until you get too hot, you get artifacts, tearing, or the drivers crash. Then, drop the frequency, or, increase the voltage, but in small amounts; I usually go by 50mV at a time, but that is just me. Increase the power target as far as it will go, regardless.


yea ive been using furmark too its awesome and alright thanks man! its funny because since 2006 ive been a console gamer, 3 months ago i said fuck that shit, built my own PC and this stuff is 10x better than the console. even the PC community is mature and Awesome! all i learned from console gaming was that apparently a bunch of 12 year old's sleep with my mother?

Those are great temps I'm at 45 idle and 70 under load with stock clocks on my msi 7950 and my room is about 20c with the same case.