Is my motherboard "strong" enough?

Hey guys

I ask because I haven't yet found an answer on the internet elsewhere.


I have a Msi Ga-p67a-ud5-b3 motherboard and I am thinking about getting the Sennheiser Game Zero headset?

But it has an impedance of 150ohm, so can it be driven by my motherboard alone?


If u have tips/recommendations for other headsets or headphones that I can use with a modmic please suggest!


I like having a good "surround" sound and really be in the game with rpg and mmo games


Price range = whatever as I am looking for something "high end", but I don't wanna pay x2 for 5% "performance" gain, so please be reasonable


Thanks in advance for you answers!

A little late getting to this, but I think it really depends on what sounds good to you. I own a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 250 ohm that I can power using anything from an iPhone to a laptop to an old CD player. It sounds fine on any source, but it sounds much, much better running off an amp. The Sennheisers are 150 ohm so I'm assuming they'll work, but they'll probably sound better with an amp.

Okey thx :)

Then I'll get an amp as well :D