Is my Mobo dead?

So i the last couple of weeks I had an issue with my computer monitor shutting off and the tower was staying in. Sometimes it would restart on its own, other times I had to restart it. I initially thought maybe some components were overheating so I threw an extra fan in the system for some better exhaust. Today it happened a couple of more times, so instead of restarting I slid open the case to see what was working and what was not as a friend of mine suggested maybe the PSU was crapping the bed on me. When I opened the case I noticed the Fan I had installed recent was running (it was plugged into the Psu as the mobo has no more fan plugs) as was my GOU, a MSI R9 270. The rear exhaust fan, front fan, and the CPU fan were all not running. I checked all of the plugs to verify nothing had come unplugged and it all looked good.

I assume my guess of the Mobo being dead is accurate, but i needed to verify with a group. Here is my build (not the best I know but i was proud of what I did on my budget at the time)

Any insight is welcome, thanks!

the weakest part of your system is indeed that mobo, i would not be supriced if that board has failed on you.

especialy wenn the fans that are connected to the psu are spinning then i have a bad feeling that your mobo died. you could try to, take everything out of the case, lay the board on its box, install 1 stick of ram, reseat the cpu and cpu cooler, install the gpu, connect psu, and fire it up outside the case, with shorting the powerswitch pins for a second. maybe you got a short cirquit somewhere.

But i think its the board.

It would be your motherboard. That one you  have is arguable one of the worst AM3+ motherboards ever created. Incredibly high failure rates. Good thing you didn't try overclocking. Could have been a more catastrophic failure.

Really though, other than the motherboard, that is a really solid build. Will handle everything at 1080p no problem. Just get a different board and you'll be good to go. 

The Asus M5A97 R2.0 is quite good and is around $88.

If I had known the money I was going to actually make at my new job I should have gone with something better, I had a diminished income at that time and the mobo was the first thing i had bought. I appreciate the help and I have to ask, by changing my mobo, do I have to do anything special on the initial boot up with it? as in do I have to run a fresh start from it, reinstall everything and use what backups I have to recover what I would lose?

well if you can afford i would suggest jumping to a 990FX chipset board. to give you a nice upgrade path to a FX 8 core cpu. maybe crosfire. or what not.

I will take that into consideration, thanks Angel and Krieger