Is my laptop going to melt down?

I am getting regular intervals of 60-69 degrees celsius while either skyping or HD video browsing, also, my fans reach a peak of 75% of their power... Is this bad?? It is a Toshiba Satellite L755D with an AMD A8-3520M APU. Help me please D:

It's typical for a laptop to get that hot. Mine does that all the time

That eases my mind a bit, although the thing with the fans going so loud and at such power (75% of the total) makes me feel uneasy.

A few years ago I used to have a Compaq V6642em which used a 1.9GHz Turion, it used to actually run at around 95 - 100c, even after stripping it down, cleaning, dusting and rethermal pasting, everything I did would not lower the temperatures. Not saying its safe to run at 95c - 100c, but on the other hand 70c isn't bad for a laptop. My i7 laptop currently works at around that temperature.

Hope I help.

1 or 2 Tips as my IDE controller has heat issues in my satalite due to heating everything else works but not the dvd drive when running hot here are the tip,s.but mine has always run hot

Tip 1 Hoover your fans under neath the amount of dust the pick up is amazing and also your graphics card outlet "if its the same as mine it's on the left".

Tip 2 if using it on a hard sevice make sure you run a laptop cooler underneath "you can pick them up for around £15 on play" i have the twin fan 1


Sorry for any spelling or grammer mistakes there maybe they kicked me out of school.

lol my shitstain HP sits at 85c idle it jumps up to 102c+ when i use it. i keep hoping that itll melt but it wont. anyways ya yours is pretty normal for a laptop. no worries