Is my keyboard dead?

Hey everyone,

I purchased a Gigabyte Aivia Osmium mechanical keyboard a little less than a year & a half ago and out of nowhere it has stopped working.

I have been having trouble with it for pretty much the entirety of the time i have had it. The problem i persistently had with it would involve it randomly ceasing to work after awakening the computer from sleep/hibernation mode and i would need to reboot it to get it working again. Simply unplugging it and re-plugging it in didn't do squat. Apart from that annoying problem, it functioned fine.

Yesterday, it stopped working completely while the computer was on; showing the same symptoms as it did when it would randomly stop working, but this time rebooting the computer didn't help. I tried using different USB ports (both 2 & 3), uninstalling and re-installing the driver/firmware (not entirely sure if i even did so correctly) and have tested it on a different computer. Still nothing.
Most of the time windows wont even know its there, although if windows does manage to find it, it registers it as an unrecognized device. The only part of the board that works is the LED that lights up the 'profiles' button.

Anyway I'm pretty much out of ideas as to what i can do to find/fix whatever problem it may be having. I cant get it replaced because it only had a 1-year warranty and I hate the thought of having to throw it in the trash after only having it for a year & a half. Plus i don't have the cash to replace it at this moment.

What do y'all think? Anything else i can do to try and revive it? Or do i just have to come to terms with the fact that it might just be totally & utterly dead?

Thanks for the advice

Are there specific drivers for this keyboard? if so install them if they are installed uninstall them. That's all I can think of other than pitching or raiding it for parts.

Do you have any dedicated high power USB ports. Maybe all the extra junk in gaming keyboards needs more power.

I know corsair boards had a problem with bios recognition that is fun. Zero.control over your PC. Screw you if you need bios access