Is my Hdd dead?

i saw some pop-ups from hdd telling me that it has some problem, i didn't have many files on it so i went and rebooted the pc didn't think it's such a big thing and it would fix itself


When i start the pc i get this message :

Sata Port 2 : Hitachi HDS7201010DLE638

S.M.A.R.T Status Bad. Backup and replace

Press F1 to run Setup


this hdd is like 1-2 years old ( i don't have warranty on it anymore), i have 2 other hdd , one has like 10 years and the other one i just got it a samsung ssd

so my questions are : is it dead , can it be fixed, and is it worth it?


it's my first time having a problem with a hdd so i don't have any experience in dealing with them


Yes, If you have to ask this question, the answer is yes.

I've been burning the weekend in the same boat.  EXACTLY: 

S.M.A.R.T Status Bad. Backup and replace

Press F1 to run Setup


I've got 2 backups in win 8, a regular weekly and a monthly that I do manually, it doesn't want to talk to either.  Managing the win 8 control panel is pure SHITE!!!!!!!!! Can't find backup/restore, look online for win8 directions and have to search for something that isn't in the control panel menu, it's titles win7 restore, HORRIBLE x 3. I'm going back to win7 for now, assuming I even can. This is bullshit.  If anyone was wondering why I'm suddenly posting so much, it's because of this, I've even got a new ubuntu test sitting next to me since I'm so pissed off!

Run a disk check on it. You may be able to repair it like that, but I doubt it.

If smart says its dead, its most likely dead.