Is my grandpa's monitor about to go out?

Ok i have been staying at my grandpa's before i have to move,and i have been using his pc cause i did not want to go trough the trouble to set up my rig,just to have to take it down and a few days,and just a few minutes ago his monitor started acting weird here are some pics of what is going on.

Really sorry about the crappy pic quality lol,but it is all i have lol.


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Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]

If this helps the screen is a lg flatron l1960tr,and the rest of his pc is an intel C2Q Q6700,4gb of ram,and a 8600GT.

Do you guy think it may be the monitor? or something else?


Well since the pic quality can't get me thinking, tell me exactly what kind of problem do you see?


it appears to have some kind of horrizontal shadowing or ghosting, like if there is something dark to the left of something white, the dark will bleed horrizontally to the right onto the white

try changing the refresh rate or resolution


Check the video cable connection or switch the cable after doing that with no success.

Thank you guys so much for the help,i fixed it was the video cable trying to fall out of the back lol.