Is My First Build Alright Or Terrible

Basically a year or two ago I bought this

Now that I actually know a thing or two about computers I decided it's time for an upgrade. I bought an Athlon 860k and a Radeon R9 380x NITRO from Sapphire. I also purchased a 120GB SSD from Samsung and a Kingston Hyperx FURY 8GB kit of 2133MHz DDR3 RAM. I'm sort of proud I was able to get this far on my own, and I've already ordered everything, but I'm nervous I made some mistakes as it's my first build and all.

Or, I guess it's not really my first build, so to speak, since I'm just upgrading something I already have. Still, did I make any mistakes or does it look like I've built a decent gaming rig?

Bad news, I think your current CPU is FM2 and the one you have bought is FM2+ which as far as I know are not compatitble. FM2 will fit FM2+ board but FM2+ will not fit an FM2 board. Also did you check your PSU wattage? Many prebuilt systems will try get away with minimum requirements on PSU also some do not come with 6 or 8 pin connectors for graphics cards

Yeah, you should look into getting a better psu and a mobo as well.

Grab a proper mobo for the 860K and upgrade your PSU and you will have a killer build for the $$ invested. You did good just need a couple more things to get the rig right.