Is My Entire Build Compatible?

This is it

Thank you guys in advance

Yes however I would consider saving yourself $100 and pirating/downloading the OS and getting rid of that CD drive and install it via USB!

enjoy $100 in your pocket or spend it more elsewhere

Thanks Mitchy!

Anyone really, I would like to save the 100 dollars and install it via usb, but where would I download it?

Well you can easily download a free OS like Ubuntu
or there are many sites where you can pirate windows via torrenting

If I could ask, would someone link me a windows 7 64 bit download not as a torrent?

79-mother loving-70. A 7970 is going to be much better than a 2GB 680 in the long-run. It will give you the option to mine BTCs and actually profit from your computer. Hell, if you pirate Windows, then you could get 7950 Crossfire, which will outperform both options.