Is my CPU too hot?



I am running 2x Intel Xeon E5345's and the first hovers around 50c when idle and the 2nd around 57c / 58c
Iv seen them going upto 65c when I am running Cubase 7 /  my music software.

Is this normal for these CPUs?

what coolers are you running

run prime95 for a while, then grab the load temps.

Here is a Speccy screen shot after roughly 1 minute of the Prime95 torture test:



As for my cooler, I opened it up and literally have no idea... No lables / codes / anything that I could see.
I am new to the world of teck so I don't really know/ But I took some pics just in case it helps:




Mobo is a Dell 0GU083 from a Precision 490 if that helps. I assume it is the stock cooler but I don't know for sure.

well, there's not much you can do with it... that big block of aluminum fins is the heatsink for both, and the air is supplied by a duct, and that's about as good as your going to get. as long as it doesn't get over 80c at load, it's just fine.

Yeah I did expect that would be the case but wanted to check, to be safe.

I haven't had any problems with it at all so all seems to be well. It handles my big music projects with relative ease.


Kinda sucky I got a Dell setup before realising they are nearly impossible to upgrade and swap stuff out. Oh well! Thanks for the help dude 

you can always sit a fan on top of the heat sync a basic 120mm will likely drop the temps by 10'c if your case isnt to tightly packed and you can create some air flow.

to see how close you are to your tdp run real temp/coretemp if your within 10'c of your max temp then yes there running hot.

your best bet would likely take the out of your current case and put the whole system in another bigger 1 which will allow you to add cooling.

there are a few 771 coolers out there but if the heatsync is welded on with ceramic tim your likely to break the cpu b4 you manage to remove the stock cooler.

so venting the case and adding a couple of fans may be your only real solution. 

if you do decide to vent the case make sure you make filters for any holes you cut.


Cool thanks dude. The case is pretty full to be honest! I will look into a nice bigger case as the extra space would be nice and will definitely help airflow. The amount of random plastic that Dell have put in this thing is just silly.

But yeah I will see what I can do. Thanks for the input \m/