Is my cpu defective?

do u think my cpu is defective ?

it has started hanging and i cant even run photoshop on it

if i run it pc hangs and it takes 20 min to shut down

but if i restart it works fine normal

it only happens some time its a new cpu

a couple of months old its an fx 8350

with 8 gb ram

Did you overclock it? Maybe you just don't have a stable overclock.

nope its running on stock clocks 

Has the thermal paste been applied properly?

yes i think so it was preapplied i had the same problem then i removed it and re applied still haveing the same problem so i do not know what it is  

Do you have a HDD or an SSD? Could be a HDD issue.


Hmmm, load up a Linux distro on a thumb drive and see if the hang issues continue. Could be the OS has picked up some buggy code and is starting to play up.

sounds like a bad HD