Is my 8350 holding back my 390x?

Also I over clocked in the summer with an air conditioner blasting... now it's winter and I have my bedroom heat on... so

What do you need heat for with an OCed 8350 and a 390x? lol Must get really cold there.

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Lol yeh it mostly stays off during the day but at night after a nice cool shower... feels good with lots of heat haha

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An 8350 should not be allowed to exceed 65c. Intel Cpu's are made to run at higher temps, but the 60's is as hot as you should allow a FX cpu to get. Get rid of the overclock and get those temps down, they're too high.

It spikes to 67 on hw monitor but sits around 60 61 when I'm recording qnd playing ow but when I run prime 95 for long time it gets 67

Don't use prime 95 ever again, its a terrible program that over-volts a lot of cpus and causes un-realistic heat output. The 67c spike is too high, and really averages in the 60-61 range are concerning.

What should I use then?

Realbench is what a lot of people like.

That is a cooling problem not a cpu one ? It should never run higher than 60.
For amd 8350 never run it over 50 55. Time for maintenance, tim, new fans or a pump problem. Back off your oc, improve airflow ect..............

Could just be my garbage case then...

Use occt. Its a good program that has both cpu and gpu stress testing, and it doesn't cause over-voltage or unrealistic max temperatures like prime 95 does.

Ok I'll give it a shot... I don't really over clock my gpu just the vram I over clock

And I still recommend watching cpu and gpu utilization. If the 8350 is really holding back your 390x, then the 390x will be nowhere close to 100% utilization in game. Less than like 90% is where I would start thinking bottleneck. 90% or above on average, and it is fine.

Is there a program I can use to watch it?

I use riva tuner for the hud and then pass in the stuff I want from hwinfo so I can see anything and everything that I want. Takes some time to set up though. Just using the default afterburner stuff would likely be a lot faster and answer the utilization question just as well.

Depends on the games, in certain cpu demending games definitely yes.

check out this guys stuff

he sits down and overclocks a 8350 on a asus 970 board and drops a shit load of info about the boards and vram and settings that might help you.

One thing I did was leave that backplate off. My VRM's (all 4 of them) are located near the backplate. I can get two fingers in their and fell them.
Asrock 970m pro3

Also I like to take lots of screenshots with this format
I stopped doing the render tests and concentrate on FPS gain over the 75 [email protected]
If you can adjust the SB in bios I am VERY jealous :)

GTX 770 refurb reference card

so i found out its my shitty case.... i have the front of it down and it sits around 49-55 underload when i put the front back on it goes to 70... so its not getting enouigh air up front so im just gonna find a case with a better air intake and exaust... was gonna get the master case 5 pro but i dont like the way the bottem blocker looks cheap

man i need someone like u to sit on skype with me and help me lol. i just cant seem to figure this shit out