Is my 8350 holding back my 390x?

Is my 8350 clocked at 4.6 slowing my gpu down? Because I am wanting to get zen then do 2x480s or 2x390x but idk what would be better but I am doing it off zen to avoid any holding back

It really shouldn't be. It shouldn't really slow down 2 of them either especially since your 8350 is at 4.6 ghz, the only issues you may run into is in cpu bound games ( but even then it won't be a massive problem)

Depends on the game. Some games really don't like AMD cpus, some games just require a huge amount of cpu horsepower to run well. Meanwhile, most games these days are really hard on gpus. This is especially true at higher resolutions. Anything higher than 1080p and you will be hard pressed to run into a cpu bottleneck in the majority of games. I would say to look at the gpu and cpu utilization in the games that you play. If one is basically maxed out consistently and the other is not, then you have a bottleneck going on. My guess is that it is fine. Also, if you are planning on upgrading around the time of Zen, then you might want to look someplace other than crossfire. Multi gpu always has issues. And the Vega 10 cards should be coming out around the same time as Zen. I believe that they will be released before Zen, actually, if the rumors are to be believed and my memory isn't wrong. That ought to get you as much performance as either of those crossfire configs and will forgo the headaches.

I just bought a 1440 p.monitor hence why I ask I am not gonna go past 1440p and mostly wanna play fps games but I notice overwatch on bus clocks plays better then multiplyer but runs hotter on bus while I'm video recording.. so I'm trying to get a faster cpu that won't lock up on me after days of recording

Does the 8350 lock up?

Yeh it heats up and I'm running it at 60 degrees it spikes to 69 and shuts down on ht bus overclock and won't reboot say it's to hot so I said ok... so I turned it down and went to 1.29 volts but it still gets up to 70 under load... but it's been good the past week when I switch to multiplyer at 4.5 and 1.45 volts.. but I feel it doesn't load as fast and drops alot... could just be my ow settings...

I would suggest making sure that the components on the motherboard have adequate cooling. That could be the cause of the instability with your overclock. It shouldn't matter how long it has been being used and punished, if it is rock solid, then it should just keep chugging along.

I'm using an h100i aio and am using a 970 asus mobo.. it shouldn't be having issues

The core temps are the thing that I am worried about here. The cpu maxing around 70C is perfectly fine. That cooler is doing its job just fine. I am worried about everything else on the mobo. vrms and whatnot. Try putting a fan directly over the mobo to get some more air going right over those components.

Short answer - yes. Long answer - if the game is multicore optimized for more than 4 cores - no. In any other situation, meaning 99% of the games - yes. Older titles especially the ones, unoptimized for multicore and optimized for 2 cores, meaning like 90% of them - yes. It does slow your 390X down..

I have 2 140mm noctua fans blasting air into my case 2 120mm static 1300 rpm fans on the cooler and 1 120mm 1500 on the back.

Yes, that is wonderful. That isn't directly onto the motherboard. Water cooling is great for core temps, not so great for temps for the rest of the components on the board. Feel free to not do anything, but I would slap some heatsinks on anything warm on the board and jerry rig a fan blowing directly on it to see if that helped with stability. You could also try backing off the overclock to see how that affects stability. Or you can do nothing and just upgrade later. Doesn't bother me no matter how you do it.

At 4.6 with a 1440p monitor I doubt that it would. Unless it's more of a CPU bound game. I think I'll be fine.

I'm looking at Temps on the mobo via hw monitor and it never exceeds 40

No clue how accurate those temps are, but what you were describing sounds like instability from the overclock, and components getting too hot on the mobo is a common problem.

Darn wish I could talk to u via Skype sometime and I could show u my bios settings though my phone..

You are better off with someone more knowledgeable than me for actual settings. I don't have any experience actually overclocking cpus. I have just been around forums long enough to know that the AM3+ platform runs hot, the 970 chipset isn't great for overclocking, and components on the mobo tend to get hot when using water cooling since there is less airflow directly on or over the mobo, all of which leads to overclocking troubles. Nothing terrible. Obviously you managed to get a decent OC, but is sounds like it isn't completely stable to me. Beyond that? You need someone more experienced than me.

Well it was run on prime 95 over night for 8 hours and more stable then my bus clocked ever since I changed it from multiplyer from bus I've had no issues

It locking up after extended use sounds like an issue to me shrug

Well it just shuts down my pc when it got to hot but that has only happend one time in the 6 months I've had it lol