Is moding a console illegal?

Just help me find out if modding my psp and selling a software modded psp is legal. I don't know if this should be moved but it seems off topic enough to me.

You may do what you wish to it as it is your property. However, I would not recommend selling it.

"Nothing is illegal unless you get caught"

why not sell it?

It might be frowned upon. I suppose if you sell it to a friend who knows it has been modded you would be fine.

i could care less about frowns (refer to my trollz) 

is it legal or not?

It's not illegal, but it does break the EULA so technically, they could take you to court over it.  Not that they likely would, unless you were the original author of a jailbreak or something.  That's what's f-ed up though.  The manufacturers don't want it to be treated as your property.  They want to dictate how and for what you use "their" equipment for.

Mini rant aside, I doubt you'll get into any trouble for modding or even selling a modded psp.  Too small a fish to bother with as it were.

There was never any eula when i powered it on. there is only eual on games psn, which were NEVER accepted

s an EULA when the PSP was first powered on, as well as one in each update. The EULA was accepted by someone using the PSP, So legally, as the owner of the PSP now, the EULA was transferred to you, legally. 

So yes, you are bound by the EULA.

But As for it being Illegal to mod, really, no. Its technically only illegal to play pirated games from it, not to mod it. As dictated by some court somewhere.

eBay used to take down Modded PSP listings, but they don't anymore, if that says anything. 

you can do it to i think PSx and before that time consoles and there was no EULA made up for them since that wasnt really much of a think bout now we have online stuff you know all that hacking scare XD

Unless you're planning on doing it lots and shifting large quantities, it's more of a gray area really.

most of the time it's just a console ban from their online services.

Illegal? no. Against terms of service/warranties? yes.

i had a PSP, modding it was essential. i would also recommend

its soo nice. i sold my modded one online and the end user was happy

It's not illegal, but it's against the networks EULA.


Also, if you sold it to someone and the modded device were to break and the person was not aware it was tampered with, then you'd be signed up to be sued or ect. Be careful.