Is Memory Upgrade advised?

Hi all, I just got finished with a gaming PC build and pretty happy with it, I upgraded from my old home theater PC into a gaming PC so used some original parts.... one of them was the memory... here is the new PC specs.

computer specs: 

Antec P180 MicroATX case

MSI Z87M Gaming motherboard

MSI 780ti G Gaming GPU (can OC to 1051, stable)

PC Power and Cooling 750 watt PS with dedicated 60 amp rail

Intel i5 4670k (can overclock to 4.4 stable)

Antec Kuehler 950 CPU cooler set up in push pull 

16gb Ram DDR3 1333 GSkill Ripjaws F3 10666 CL9D -8GBRL

Samsung SSD 512mb primary disk and Seagate 7200rpm x2 with 1tb mirror data drive... both SATA 3

2x Bluray Burners

Bitfenix 200mm case fan

2 x Enermax 120mm T.B.Vegas case fans

As you can see, it is a pretty nice system... I have tried to OC the memory, but anything I try fails... so I am thinking the weak link in my system is the memory... first, do you think I need to upgrade? and if so, what to?.. I don't think going to 1600 form 1333 would be noticeable... I have already invested a lot and want to see a difference if I upgrade....


Here is a link to some pics and a short video if anyone would care to see it...

thanks in advance...


Upgrading the memory isn't going to make much of a difference to your gaming performance. In fact, you could probably sell 8GB and make a bit of money. You only really need 4-6GB for today's games. 8GB is plenty.

Keep all 16 GB and game on.

Not just in terms of capacity, but the speed is sufficient. There's 1% performance difference between 1333 and 2400mhz, at best.

Since you are using an ssd, all that ram 'should' save your ssd. Read somewhere on hardocp that write speeds degrade the life of ssd's but couldn't find the thread. 

Wow, had no idea that ram doesn't make too much difference , and especially Berserker's comment about the 1% difference in 1333 and 2400mhz... I think I am a victim of benchmarks :-) ... I ill keep what I have and game on!! Thanks everyone!!

It's plenty for future considerations. 16GB is a nice amount for editing videos.

Have fun

Yep, RAM speed doesn't really make a difference in games.  The comparisons are really close; enough to be within the margin of error.