Is Logan's occasional hate speech intentional?

Hi Logan,

I have been enjoying TekSyndicate for a few years now, your videos are great and I really like your style and content. However I notice you use hateful words or phrases like "thats gay" or "queer" either on stream or in various episodes of The Tek. (I noticed you using the word "gay" again to describe your frustration with the adds on your site earlier today while streaming Skyrim and I decided to make this post) I don't think you mean to put down gay/LGBT people but it makes you seem as if you dislike them or find them inferior in some way as you use these phrases and terms for things you dislike. Everyone has a right to their own opinions, and frankly, I don't care if you hate, like, or simply have no opinion at all about LGBT people, but I being MTF transgender and many friends of mine, LGBT or not, find words like this used in this context to be very hateful and offensive. It would be in your best interest to not use such words as a part of TekSyndicate as it could drive LGBT people away from your content/community. It would be nice to see some sort or response or explanation from Logan, either way I wish TekSyndicate the best of luck and keep making awesome content!

Well, queer simply means strange.  It doesn't mean it's bad or good, just strange.  Gay, at this point, isn't really used to mean "homosexual" by people under the age of 40 (and over the age of 15, because kids are assholes).  It is generally used as a synonym for stupid.  It's just something that has become a part of the lexicon.  Neither term was used to refer to homosexuals before the 1950s really (both go back a little further, but gained popularity around the 50's).  Before then, gay generally meant happy, and queer, like I said, just meant strange.

Now, I see how some people can be offended by these terms.  However, they aren't terms with deep historical meaning, nor were they terms invented as derogatory insults for homosexuals.  They were existing words that were co opted for use as derogatory terms.  And so with words like these, it's the context that matters.  And though I obviously don't speak for him, I haven't heard anything from Logan to suggest he's using either to refer to homosexuals.  

it's slang. if you've been in an urban environment or at least grown up in one, (i myself have) you'll most likely hear this type of language, when something doesn't go right, someone would say "that's gay" or "that is some bullshit" little things like that. another example, here in New York City, we say "Bruh" to respond to someones "stupid or ignorant comment". if you feel offended, you shouldn't. i don't think that logan was using that word in malice to offend anyways. neither are people who use it to describe something bad.

Its so common that people say it without thinking about it. Most people should put in the effort to stop saying it but wont unfortunately.

dont be gay op

Logan doesn't say these things to be offensive to anybody and he uses the terms totally & completely out of context. The actual term for what being 'gay' means probably doesn't even slip his mind.

It only became offensive when you singled-out the term of what it meant & linked the term to being something offensive on a literal scale.

Iv even heard a few of my friends who are gay & bisexual use the term 'gay' in out of context situations. I do to, and they don't care. Its because they know im not using it on a literal scale.

I don't think Logan does it on purpose , i have gay friends and couples that now are for years together good friends and i tease them that way , but i know them and some of those friends speak like that i'm sorry but you know it is true , homosexuality is not a disease nor a choice , and you have to quit worrying about what other people think about you , it's your fucking body people that hate for me is just insecurity like if a homosexual touch's you , then you became homosexual , but some how that logic does not apply to homosexual women go figure , i'm sure there is a mod ready to action in those cases so for me you are welcome here .

one needs actual hate to engage in real hate speech, Otherwise, it is just speech. I doubt Logan "HATES DUH GAYS"

Yes, gay still means homosexual, even among people between the ages of 15 and 40, which I am. I'm also gay. You're generalizing, and projecting your perspective. 

I actually haven't noticed Logan refer to things he thinks as negative as gay, and I don't think he's bigoted or anything like that. He's good people imo.

I used to hear a lot of people use the word "gay" to describe something as bad or negative, though I think it's fallen out of fad or whatever. I do think it is a bit offensive though when used in that way, and I think people should be conscious about their usage of words, because certain words being used certain ways can have negative impacts. I think people should move away from saying "that's gay" to describe something negative, because it implies that being gay is negative, and reinforces the stereotype and wide ranging oppression.

On a somewhat similar note, I also think people should move away from referring to girls as "guys". I became conscious of myself doing this after becoming a feminist, and I thought to myself, "why am I referring to girls as guys?" It's pretty sexist imo. What if all guys were referred to as gals? Our culture would seem to be pretty fucking weird, but no thought at all is given to referring to girls as guys, and it's a cultural norm. Girls even do it themselves, and I think people should move away from it.

Logan hates everyone equally. esp sensitive babies like op.

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 the "im offended by that word" responses offend me.

but seriously, people over analyze speech nowadays. i dont ever understand why people make such a big fuss about it. if people continue to be offended more and more because someone said something, it will get to a point where people wont even have their own opinions anymore.


short answer: Contextualism.

long answer: There's no hate in his speech because the context that you're implying doesn't exist. Slang has a track record of slandering language (hence the term slang) and words that make little sense are used just to sound purposely out of context. That's the magic of it and what makes it catchy. There's no hurtful intent on Logan's part.

I think calling something negative gay is fucked up. why tie a minority to something negative?

I am all for free speech and I can understand if gay people get hurt by stuff like that.

AND I don't think Logan is a bigot.

doesn't matter, if peoples feeling get hurt them feelings get hurt.

This'll sum it up.

Thanks all, I agree that these words by definition should not be associated with homosexuality and are not in most cases, hopefully eventually this association will completely disappear. (hate speech probably inst the right word, I just don't know how else to title this thread). However many people in and outside the LGBT community often still use words like "gay," "queer," "genderqueer," etc. to describe themselves or others. I also lived in Green Bay, WI (fairly large urban city) and White Lake, WI  (very rural area of Wisconsin) and words like these are still used to diminish LGBT people directly there. There were times in high school I was sent home or told not to come because my teachers thought it was to dangerous for me at school. I don't think anyone should have to conform just because someone may be offended, I just wanted to bring it to Logan's attention. I do not personally associate these words with myself or others and I probably should not find these words used in this context offensive anymore but I know I still get that "kick to my chest" feeling every time I hear one of these words used for something other than to describe ones sexuality, gender, etc. Even when they do not mean the same thing by definition and are usually used in a harmless manner.

lets keep this civilized please.

Perhaps examples of the type of things some LGBTQ people go though in their lives can help provide perspective on why we seem overly sensitive on issues like this.

null_ provide an example from her life, here's one from mine.

I live in the south, and I'm in the closet generally, and especially when it comes to my family. Why? Here's why: My father is racist, xenophobic, and homophobic. Extremely bigoted. He has a nephew, a cousin of mine, who came out to his family as gay by leaving a letter on their dresser once and leaving. My father constantly makes remarks about "the gays", as well as "the blacks" and "the Mexicans". Once, my father was talking about NFL linebacker Michael Sam, and remarked "who's gonna want him in their lockerroom?" I said, "wasn't he one of the best defensive players in college? I doubt it will be an issue." "Yeah it would, I wouldn't want one of them looking at my junk. I've been around them, I know how they are. I don't want anything to do with them." I said, "what about your nephew?" He replied, I'm never around him. I don't want him looking at my junk."

I, a gay man in the buckle of the bible belt, had to listen to my own father talk about my own cousin in this way. Stuff like this is why so many LGBTQ people are sensitive on these issues.

> culture would seem to be pretty fucking weird

Nailed it. every culture is weird and has its quirks.

also the term 'guys' in slang is mostly used when referencing males but saying "you guys" generally refers to a group of people regardless of gender. Personally I think we should stick to the redneck way and say Y'all and all y'all, that way people don't have to argue gender semantics.

Personally I think OP is blowing things out of proportion, and making a [concerned] thread because he's silly.

I have a very close asian friend, he lived in the same flat as me last year. Everyone called him "the resident paki" (a word that society regards as being very racist), he chose not to be offended by it and just laughed along with us.

They're just words, they're not always meant offensively.

Everyone loved the resident paki btw lol.