Is Last Pass the best Password Software

Hi all,

As the title says, I'm sure people have answer this hundreds of times, I'm proabaly doing the most dumbest things you can do with passwords i do use non dictionary passwords but i keep them on a document file on my computer (which i know is really dumb thing to do).

I have never used password software/app before so is it really worth using Last Pass also should i use the App from the Google Store for chrome or should i download the software from the Last Password website and what is the difference between the App for Chrome or the Software.

Thanks all

Its down to personal preference, but lastpass is fairly simple to use. app store versions are fine. The software just installs the same chrome plugin anyway.

I don't know a whole lot about LastPass, but I'm quite fond of KeePass which doesn't cost anything.

There are apps for android and the like - Might be worth taking a look at

Here's the video that got me using it

Lastpass also does not cost anything.

I'm kinda confused tho is LastPass Premium worth it, it's only $1, I was thinking about the Premium version.

I have looked at it and downloaded it at one point but i was confused bye it, but thanks for adding that one too.

The only reason why i was asking about LastPass it seems like the most popular one.

Try to avoid anything that stores your passwords on some server. LastPass got hacked 3 times already.
I personally write down my passwords in a small notebook that I never... NEVER take out of my house and it's attached on a chain to my table. I also make my passwords big and obfuscated enough so that I don't remember them and don't type them accidentally. But I am thinking about digitizing really soon.

But in general, keep your passwords offline

Seems like you're damn if you do and damn if you don't

Link to video?

I use KeePass too, which does require some more tinkering, and additional plugins for your browsers and such if you want it to auto-fill login credentials (AFAIK I haven't tried LastPass).

Why I use KeePass and not LastPass.

@King_of_Old_School you can start by installing Veracrypt and make an encrypted container for your text document.

@Zumps Like i said i download KeePass a while ago and i was completely confused bye it i can't make heads or tails of it and i just gave up.

Thought I attached the video but apparently I did something wrong! Its good though, walks you through how to use it which is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

Nothing is stored online which makes it easier for you to keep secure, although this also makes backing it up more important.

If you wanted to be even more secure, you could use it on a device that has no internet connectivity - though you lose some of the 'ease of use' features



Ok, it seems copy and pasting the video url isn't working, you'll have to search for it on Youtube...

Its called 'Password Managers: Why You Need Them - Keepass'
by Nixie Pixel

Ah, Nixie, I have watched a couple of her videos in the past :)

Nixie Pixel - Password Managers : Why You Need Them - Keepass

I'll check the video out when i get some time.

My plan is i want to keep the document file but put it on a USB thumb drive and give it to a friend so they can keep it and when i need it i get it off of them when i need it.

I use lastpass and its a great little tool, at work we use KeePass2.
If you have your own NAS KeePass2 could maybe a worthy choice, you get an encrypted file which is the password database, put this on a NAS and then just download a new file every now and again.
But for $12 lastpass does that for me, and im extremely lazy, so yeah....

I do have a bad habit some of the password i have used, I haven't changed some of my passwords for like over 3 years, Yeah i'm stupid for not changing them.

They're using end to end encryption iirc so as long as your master password is very strong you're still good in the situation that they get hacked.

Well if i do end up going with LastPass my Master Password is going to be about 32 characters long if not longer.

Lastpass is a great product. I only have 1 device protected by keypass, and that keypass is located on several flash drives all of which are encrypted. The cloud based nature of lastpass doesn't bother me at all.

That said, the ability to quickly generate a password by pressing alt+g for a new account is incredible. The cloud based backup is great. The ability to have my wifes devices, and mine, and share passwords for certain things is invaluable.

I highly recommend the product. If you don't need the password sharing capabilities the free version will do great.

A typical sentence is easier to remember and harder to crack than some convoluted password.

This something like:

I use last pass because I can't remember passwords worth a damned. Banana.

What's the chances of that password being cracked?

Pretty damned good now, but had I never typed that, it'd be almost impossible to crack.

Either way, encrypt your phone and type it into a note.