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Is it worth upgrading to the current gen intel cpu?


I appreciate this thread, I was actually asking myself (like I did last generation), is this gen of chips finally worth the upgrade?

I’m a 4790k guy myself, and its been very good to me without any OC, plays games and such fine.

The question of Ryzen has really put this conversation in perspective, especially regarding upgrades for some of my friends.


I mean it’s just a paper launch, still, people lost patience for Ryzen easily when it didn’t launch late (I get the frustration with Vega and even Raven Ridge) but now people are basically just waiting on Intel because they did a paper launch.


Shit is going down again. And this is even on topic:

It’s because how some reviews got so all over the place numbers for the 8700K and Jim is getting the analyst hat out. Now some are buthurt they where highlighted.

PS: and now i understand why L1T is so late for the reviews…


I can not connect to twitter (and wont allow my firewall to get me there). Quick rundown?


Ehh Jim said to someone not to flame or target other yters because anybody can make mistakes. GamersNexus replied with a 6 month old post where Jim was wrong about something where on top of that HardwareCanucks came straight with a indirect insult (Jim being a channel just pointing to other bigger review)

THE MAIN POINT!! is that Intel again cheated everybody with the MCE actually OCing the chip i.e. Looking like ryzen lost in fact was beating the 8700K on stock


GN makes some mistakes, when someone points them out, Steve gets mad!
So nothing unusual?


None of this mess should have ever happened. Any reviewer getting a sample should know at least the all-core boost clock condition of the product and one would think would be paying attention to the behavior and seen something amiss, especially given voltage consumption compared to rated TDP.

All this really tells me is that few of them are testing properly, even given time constraints (which many seem to be bringing up as if this absolves them of responsibility - this is your job isn’t it?).

I found Jim’s predictions about the 8400 curious, because it could go either direction. If he’s wrong about the chip quality and they all do as they did in the reviews, it won’t reflect on him well, but Intel’s decision to keep multicore boost numbers to themselves is not a good sign on their part. I don’t know that AMD should introduce a similar stock OC mode for motherboard manufacturers, and I think it’d be more prudent to tout their openness in marketing materials going forward.

I really just expect more drama at this point though.


GN, Linus and HC got burned by Intel or Asus or whatever. But instead of unite and give those companies shit for that move, they seemingly are going after the messenger. (Well, not Linus I think… so far.)

As long as no one is even watching those fully automated benchmarks, they deserve to be called out. They didn’t do their job, plain and simple.


So to the OP. It’s not worth upgrading anything. The 4790K is the 2600K of Haswell. Solid for a whole decade if you ask me.

Look at me 760 @4Ghz running doom on a GTX 980ti there are specific areas where it dips bellow 100 anything else is in the triple digits.


Here’s my thoughts on this. DISCLAIMER: Am AMD fan

I’m not super concerned about this.

In the future, I propose the following testing methodology:

  • Tests run with motherboard defaults. For those who just want to plug and play (ladies…).
  • Tests run with all boosts disabled. All cores locked at the base frequency listed on the box.
  • Tests run with stable overclock dialed in on either stock cooler or something like a 212 evo.

It’s important to distinguish the difference. Intel (motherboard partners) clearly have a better automatic boost plan. AMD will catch up soon, but what I see here is that it could be misleading to some people.

Now, when it comes to people throwing a bitchfit, that’s the fastest way for them to stop getting my viewership. There’s a reason why I wait for the L1T reviews and that is because the team is thorough, they touch on Linux, and most importantly, they always make corrections and acknowledge if they’re wrong. They have character, something GN and HC could really learn from. AdoredTV was talking about some deceptive mistakes (let’s call them that) that happened with the benchmarks, that if GN and HC gave a shit about their viewers and giving them unbiased, honest reviews so they can make the best decision on hardware purchases, they would have acknowledged them and issued either a retraction or correction, as necessary.

Granted, I’m just a regular jackass with a keyboard, so I can say anything I want. That’s just my 2c.


And people were drinking the kool aid over a paper launch when those very few CPUs that got picked out could have been “cherry picked” for overclocking, when really the best value Coffee Lake CPUs to get are a couple of non-K ones (even at that I don’t recommend the i5 over the R5 1600 depending on prices).


I actually had my 4800+ for like 10 years and it played current titles just fine. It would make a great media pc at 1080p. But more gigs and cores are needed.


Yeah I could probably flash my pentium g3258 to a i7 4700k. And get a overclock of 4.5 ghz. Sarcasm btw.


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I would say save your money for a GPU not a cpu.


I would honestly get ryzen now. But their is honestly not enough gains for it to be of use outside of content creation. Which I am not really into buy photo rendering maybe. But I do not like how rushed the new intle boards are now with the janky vrms. It kinda reminds me of emachines. Maybe when games start to become photo realistic at 4k I think that a cpu upgrade will be necessary.


… I’ll be honest, I just wanted to post this somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:


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