Is it worth to upgrade DDR3 ram now?

The price of the RAM modules has gone incredibly down. I have been reading about DDR4 RAM and as my PC is relatively new, I dont know if its worth to upgrade my 4 gigs of DDR3 RAM @1600mhz and CL9 (it is a discontinued Kingston model) to a 2x4GB

I play all kind of games and even though I have just 4 GB of RAM, havent noticed any performance fault, as most of the times games recommend having 8GB minimum

In the case of being worth to upgrade, could I combine this with the new 2x4GB or should I remove it to avoid future problems? Any specific model which is great? I saw some G.SKILL with low latency and high clock speeds, my mobo is a Gigabyte P67-D3-B3, which supports 4 x 1.5V DDR3 at 2133 mhz maximum.

Thank you

760K, 270X, 4 gigs of ram...
CPU usage - 88%
GPU usage - 75%
Ram used - 3,9GB constantly...
Get extra 4... There will be this one game, but I dare say many many games.. It's dirt cheap...
To bad I don't like Witcher 3. I can't test how it runs with 8 gigs...
You can combine no problem. I have 2 different kits of 2x2 A-Data ram... So there is no problems. The ram controller will adjust itself. You can get 2x2 or even 2x4 and have 12 total, that will save you any trouble in the future...
I love me some A-Data... A-Data is my goto choice before I consider something else...
Wait, you have only 1 stick 4gig?
Try finding used the same stick to have dual channel. It should be even cheaper than new. There isn't really much that can break in a ram module, so used is not a big issue. Most of my machine is used parts and works like a charm.

With as cheap as DDR3 is now, and how little of a performance bump you get with DDR-4 gaming wise? HELL YEAH more RAM DDR 3 is worth it. Now, two years from now, It may be time to start thinking about a new board.

Get 8 gigs, and for the love sweet baby jeebus overclock that CPU.

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You would probably need a whole new PC for DD4 support, and it really isn't worth it for the average user, unless you want a butt ton of capacity and have a larger ass ton of money

Otherwise, ya, you should probably upgrade to 8gbs, you can generally throw in any stick and it'll work just fine, so just buy what's cheap.

Nah dont worry, my CPU is a i5-3550 with a 212 EVO on it, it currently runs at 3.30Ghz, but as it is locked , I think OC is limited to 4.0Ghz

Okay, Ill be buying 2x4GB soon, or if I get lucky and find the same sticks maybe 3 of them. Thank you all for the help

EDIT: BTW this is the model of RAM i have Image

Have found a similar one but it costs the same as 2X4GB so ill be probably buying different ones with the same voltage and latency. Ill be trying it anyways, just in case I can get 12GB without problems

Wait at least another month and it will probably be cheaper..You know black monday/friday christ mass stuff..

Well seeing as DDR4 would mean a near full PC rebuild for very little performance increase (in gaming) then personally no, yes DDR4 is pretty cheap i.e 16gb corsair LPX DDR4 is £100 (in UK) but adding a skylake or x99 mobo &CPU seems silly)

DDR3 is still going to be around for a while despite being obsolete, so just pick up 8-16GB of quality ram IMHO

Meh. 16 Gigs could be found for around a hundred if you look in the right place. Every once in a while I see 8 Gigs go on sale for around ~$50 which is a good price imo. I doubt we will see the $35 dollar mark for 8 gigs that we saw a few years ago. If OP doesn't plan on dumping money on a new PC within the next two years, then more RAM never hurts. Could even pick up a cheap set and drop em in with current RAM. Run em at JEDEC timings I doubt they would see any issues with those settings.

they are going to keep going down for at least next 4 months... Wait out... unless you can't wait.

I doubt it. Retail still has to move whatever stock they have, and production is probably going to taper off as DDR4 moves into the market. Most companies are probably looking to clear as much DDR3 as possible before the next year while still earning a decent profit.

If you are only rocking 4GB DDR3, then it will be definitely worth it to upgrade.
But dont botter with those super highspeed 2133mhz ram's or what not.
Because highspeed ram, makes no significant diffrence for the average user.
1600Mhz is basicly all you realy need, wenn it comes to DDR3.

Highspeed memory only realy makes sense, if you use a apu or igpu based system.


i think it depends what you're playing. i know when im playing total war, that loves to eat my ram