Is it worth the extra $100 for a Samsung SSD?

So I asked what was the best SSD on here and I got told that it was the Samsung 850 PRO, but.. it's $300 NZD :/


Specifications wise, the SX900 Adata drive is almost identical but 100 bucks cheaper! 


Is it worth the premium for Samsung drives?

I can't imagine it's that much better, you must have some freaky pricing in the land of the Kiwi.

Haha yup, we sure do!

It's usually when something just comes in from over seas, although saying that contradicts the fact that our 4K monitors are cheaper than 1440p ones..

How much are the Samsung Evos over there?

There are a couple of reasons to go with Samsung. The first is that they are known to be very reliable and have excellent internals. The second is that they have some very interesting software options that allow you to maximise the speed of your drive by "cheating" with your caching methods.

The truth is, most users will not notice much of difference, because the real benefits come from heavy, prolonged use. If you can save 100 dollars, and it does the job, then save the money. 

For most users, cheaper drives like the Adata SX900 will work just fine for quite some time.

The 850 and 840 Pros are one of the best SSDs for consumers.  With that great performance and durability comes a cost.

Samsung will be launching the 850 EVO soon, perhaps you can wait a while longer in case either the 840 EVOs get discounted, either the 850 EVO will be just too awesome to pass up.

I do agree with Some Tech Noob and me personally i would just end up going with Adata for the price. 

Hmm, still not fully sure on which one i should get..

Thanks for all the commnets though, they have helped me :)


The drives are $190 and $290 (adata and samsung) and I will be using it as on OS and important programs drive for music production.

As long as you go with a decent SSD I don't think you will notice much difference with an OS drive. Samsung 840 evo is a good reasonably priced ssd along with SanDisk Ultra Plus and Crucial M500. I would stay away from the Kingston V300 as Kingston released a revised version with lower quality nand which significantly reduced performance of the drive, extremely shady.

Also don't be too concerned about the sequential read and write speeds quoted as these will not greatly affect the performance of the drive when used for OS and programs. The 4k read and write and access time is more important from an OS drive perspective.

Thanks :) Are the SX900 drives by Adata good? And when would you want a drive with high sequantial read and write speeds?

If you need a system where your data is pretty much guaranteed, then go for the cheaper ones, but buy two and run a raid 1 set up. That will save your data to both SSDs and mean you always have a back up should one SSD fail.

Adata's SX900s are indeed quite good.

I would also recommend Kingston's HyperX 3K and Samsung's 840 Evo(although I find the 840 Evo's read speeds a tad bit lower than Kingston's HyperX 3K, as I have both and the HyperX 3K boots a little bit faster)

I bought the 850 pro, only because it has a 10 year warranty..  Plus it's not a MLC SSD. Which I would recommend staying away from.