Is it worth putting AV on macOS Sierra

So last night I picked up a 2013 iMac 13,1 and I am in the process of setting it up to macOS Sierra.
Now if it was just me I wouldn't really bother installing AV, but my family will also be using it and unfortunately our house is still mostly Windows based.
So is it worth paying for an AV suite to keep them safe?
I will additionally be purchasing CCC for backups to the network.

What would you suggest and what suite would you recommend, if so I am thinking either F-secure safe (I use this for work) or Bit Defender.


I have been considering getting Bitdefender because of its good record of false/positive detects but for now, I just have Malwarebytes installed.


or even a basic free one depending on how computer literate/illiterate they are.

They aint that good, they'll click on anything, I already have an Adblock in place but I think it maybe best to at the very least protect my NAS.
I had a look at bit defender was £34 for 10 licences.

The main reason to put anti-virus on a Mac is to be a good citizen and prevent spreading infected files to windows users that you might be otherwise unaware you had. That said, there are a few rare malware out in the wild for MacOS that something like Malware Bytes can help you remove should you become infected.

It is always a good idea to have something at least.

They really aren't that good for OS X. Just run a decent Adblock and run this once a week.

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Well as mentioned this is mostly to protect my NAS and any other windows machines I have, while they already have AV on them the NAS is currently running directly via my router using shares (I have a better solution coming once I get some time).

Just monitor that folder then