Is it worth mining?

I know this system is not worth mining bitcoin, but is it worth mining lite or dogecoin.

AMD FX8350
ASUS 990FX Gen 2.0
Corsair AX860

I'm not sure of my electricity cost as I still live at my parents house.

My question is it worth mining and how do I do it?

Thanks in advance.

Not at current market value. You'd make about 4 bucks a day mining dogecoins. Even if bitcoin went back up to $1000 you'd make about 7 bucks a day mining 24/7. Difficulty is just too high ATM, even for alternative currencies. 

Oh, so there is no real point at the moment?

Thanks for your input!

Not at all worth it right now.

Take it from someone who has been doing it awhile, I have 3 rigs running(5 7970s, 4 5770s, a 5670 and a 7750) right now for about 4.2 MH/s and I make almost nothing after expenses.  With the value of LTC dropping daily it is only getting worse too.  


The only reason I am still running is because it is still cold where I live and LTC mining heats my house (yes dead serious, 100% of my heat this winter has been LTC mining, toasty 72F inside while single digits outside).  As soon as it warms up a bit I am shutting down, just not worth it anymore unless I am saving on my heating bills.

Ahh, ok then, thank you for putting me against it, could have been a disaster if I started and jhust lost a load of money.

And haha. Good idea for heating!

Thank you.

What do you mean by expenses? How expensive is your electricity? I just got a rig and haven't gotten a power bill yet, but at 700w and .06 cents per kwh, my power bill should only be 20$ more, right? Am I missing something? 

Well at least you know how to heat your house up during winter from now on.

maybe you could get an asic miner