Is it worth it?

This company called Eurocom ( builds some really extreme laptops, e.g. putting an eight-core Xeon in them. My goal is to have a portable and very powerful workstation, and atm this is the only manufacturer that satisfied the criteria.

I am just wondering, that if I would have the necessary money, should I buy one those extreme versions (like the Panther 4.0)? Would it be a good long-term investment?


I dont know, will you be making that money back with the machine? If not it seems like a pretty pointless investment. If you NEED it, you should get it, but only if you need that much power in a laptop. 

 I assume they provide warranty and customer satisfaction, because the heat output of these will be serious.


If you need to ask about it, the answer is probably not. 

No, starting at a minimum of $3500 for the Panther 4, you will be able to make a much more powerful rig in desktop format. If you are actually editing, and making money doing this, not just putting money in one way, then yes, it could eb worth it, but seeing as you can spend more than $20,000 on a maxed-out Panther 4.0 alone, I would just build a dual Xeon desktop rig, such as on the SR2, or even Asus Z9PE, and get a heavy hitter desktop editing machine going. In all honesty, how much editing do you do while moving around, like on a train, bus, or on vacation? Probably not a lot. Build a desktop for less, or spend the same amount, and get vastly higher performance.

I second this. Laptops like these are of professional use, meaning they are meant to be used to make money. If you are using it for gaming or liesurely reasons, then there are better cheaper means to get what you need.. unless you simply have the money to burn. I go buy quality desktop at home and ultra portable laptop for travel. but if you wanna game/render/etc when travelling then MAYBE its worth it, but it seems overkill.

if you really need it, then by all means get what you need

but i'd really reccomend getting a desktop workstation (xeons, phis, quadros, firepros, whatever you need) and getting a nice laptop, depending on what you are doing you might be able to just use something like remote desktops

i can't even imagin the heat output and powerdraw out of one of those