Is it Worth It - GTX 770?

I am making a PC Gaming build that should be done this Christmas. I found myself looking a few cards, like the GTX 760, GTX 770, R9 280x, and GTX 680. Some sources are telling me that the GTX 760 and 770 are relatively the same card, and some other sources are telling me that the GTX 770 and GTX 680 are relatively the same card, and that it should all come down to pricing. Any help would be appreciated. Also note I am not looking to run SLI or CrossfireX in the near future. What do you guys think?

Lines of GPU use the game graphics processing chip. All GPUs get tested and graded. They are categorised, priced based on their level of performance. A GTX 670 is just a GTX 680 (both GK104 chip) that didn't perform nearly as well as the "grade A", top performing counterpart. Which is why GPUs perform similarly. Usually after you overclock them. Lesser chips usually ship with a lower stock clock.

The 770 is just an up-to-date 680 (again, both GK104 GPU). While the 760 is an up-to-date 660ti. I think there is a good performance margin between the 760 and 770. GPU makers frequently refresh the same cards. We call them rebrands, and they are not always faster than their predecessors.

Any of the given cards are great. It really comes down to the individual. What games you play? And how you like to enjoy them?

If you wanted a reasonably priced, "complete" solution, go for the 280x. It is a 7970 with more up-to-date tech. The reason being it gives similar performance to the GTX 770, and it has more Vram. That Vram will be useful for higher resolutions, and it will be useful for running mods.

I will look into the 280x. I will look at some benchmarks for it while I am at it. You brought up the point that it is useful for running mods, for I play ARMA 2 with the ACE mod. Not to mention, if I am going to get similar performance to some cards I have already got some benchmarks for for $100 less, then that is a good deal.  probably the most bang for buck, can overclock fairly well too. I normally go for amd gpu's because of the good price for performance, nvidia has a lot of great features to offer though. Nvidia Inspector is really what tips it into the nvidia camp for me.