Is it worth cutting cases to shreds for MOAR FANS!?

Yeah, I've got a Antec P183 V2 and i love it to bits, the only problem is it has no real watercooling support. I really want a Swifech H220, finally got my hands on one, but i need either a new case or to cut thus one to bits. Any suggestions?


I cut mine to include watercooling. You should do the same. :).

I cut out the window, and the top to make room for my stuff.

Nice, what tools did you use? Also i want to spray the inside black, would spray paint be good enough?

The best tool to use for cutting thin sheet metal is a Dremel, then take a fine file to it, and clean up the cuts. The Dremel does not cut very cleanly, but a hand file will take care of that.



I used a Dremel cutting disk to make the cuts, then a grinding/sanding bit to clean them up. And I used spray paint. Be sure ou use some type of clear coat afterward so you dont scratch off the paint by accident.