Is it weird to make a roommate status app?

i was thinking if their phone is home (ping) then post status home/away on site to grab and update/display as a widget on my phone.

i already check via host/ping before i go knock on anyones door.

is it out of place to do so?? none of them are CS

EDIT: look, im lazy and im not about to get up if i know they are not here... but i dont know if this is out of place or not


Just on the security side of it I would not make a system like this. You may have no ill intentions but the ability to see if someone is home or not with out their knowing they are being looked for and checked on is open to abuse.

true, that will make authentication nessasary to grab the status.

i was only going to make a apache alias off of my home network, but this is a good point that i had not thought of

The real question is how they would react if they found out after you had already been doing it...

Depending how many there are, you could always propose to do it, and hook it into a device that is centrally located or in a common area, and therefore available for the convenience of all?

thats what i was thinking about, having a smart mirror in the common area that has that info, but i would have it on my phone well before that was finished

Best bet would be to have an app that would give your room-mate the OPTION to set themselves as home/away.

This gets rid of any perceived ill intent, and can avoid an awkward conversation when they find out you're tracking them, lol.

i doubt they would remember to hit it.

good point, i never thought of graphing the data. After a month or so i could even add a "expected return time"

Well when there's a party make sure to have all of them enough drunk to pass away, take them to a pirate clinic and put a GPS tracker in them. This way you'll know everywhere they go pretty easly.

Jokes aside I may be considered a cynical bastard but I would do it. To make things more fair I would talk to them and give them access to the site too if they accept to do be "tracked".

Whenever you get the idea to make 'x-personal-status' app.

Pretty much bin it. The market for it is saturated with garbage already.

People will use text messages/whatsapp/facebook/voice calls/etc for it anyway at their own discretion to let someone know where they are.

Don't ever exchange someones personal choice of privacy for others convenience.
Just knock / ask if they're there.

Via phone:

Definitely not making app for app store.

I was thinking ping ip, response is updated in webserver, pull that from custom app on my phone and later a magic mirror

Not public info, or public app

So really you're just privately snooping on people by pinging their devices?

Well, errm it's not legal nor nice to do without their consent.

But I can't stop you anyhow.

Ask them to put something on their doorknob to show they're in if they're fine with that.

I'd say it's perfectly fine. Awhile back I had a roommate that would straight up walk around the house naked....

lol. I was thinking this would be a good replacement for a sock on the door or something when you're doing the dirty. keke. MAKE IT SO @kenkoda

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I doubt it's illegal