Is it unusual?

Is it unusual to cool my laptop with a box-fan because it can't run without overheating?

For example; I'll listen to music with ease, but as soon as I go to watch a video longer than thirty minutes or so, it overheats, crashes, and won't turn on until it cools.

I wouldn't have to do this any other time, but I sort of don't have a PC currently.

I was in the process of building this rig, ( )

when I came across the newest APU build video.

So I guess my question is how many of you guys out there have done this, or something similar for cooling in the past?

my hp pavilion dv6's fan bearings went out. I picked up a fan that was compatible on ebay, and replaced it. worked fine, til the thing crashed for an unrelated reason.

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untill about a year and a half ago (if i remember correctly) i was using a dell insperon from i want-to say 2003, overheated single core celron 2.4GHz (back before cpus had part numbers), towards the end of it's life (it actually still works, but just a web browser maxes out the cpu...) if i wanted to watch video for an extended period of time i would have to lay it on top of a box fan, low speed would be fine for a little bit, but if i was going to be constantly streaming that would require high speed

Good to know I'm not the only one.

Oh and peps1, you made me very happy.