Is it safe to run like this? (pic) 

Those are 50% cotton / 50% polyester strings. I did this purely for aesthetics, but I'm a bit worried if it could short the circuit at some point. Uninstalling it would be a bit of a work, but I certainly don't want to kill my card.

dont see how it could be a problem other than maybe getting to hot and melting? probaly wont happen but look at all that dust from the fibers.

I thought I read somewhere that too much dust can short circuits... This would possibly act similarly. Oh yea and that dust is from outside, not the fibers. I don't really get it anyway - yes, the PC is in a quite dusty environment, but all intakes and outtakes are filtered....? Running mostly positive air pressure.

yeah, what anarekist said. the Polly may melt. not sure how hot the back of your card gets. 

Is it florescent or something? could be cool with a UV light.

Those could cause static. The air passing by them could charge the strands, and it could pass that charge to your PCB.

Well I'm not sure either, it doesn't have VRAM diode. BUT I can sneak a diode from my fan controller in there and do some readings. 
And oh yes indeed...

Alright I'll let it run like this for the time being. Updated Aida64 which now shows VRAM temps and they're alright (70°C at it's hottest).