Is it safe to change SAS drive enclosures?

I’ve got a rookie question.

Is it safe to go from one style/ model of drive enclosure to a different one?

I would be using the same drives, controller card and cable connections.

I can provide more details, maybe I need to leave things be?

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Go ahead and post details, what is there to loose?

I mistakenly read the title before as asking simply about moving the drives between enclosures, so sorry about that

I’m currently using two SAS RAID enclosures.

Here are links to the hardware:
One bay

Three bay

The one bay drive enclosure is getting pretty hot, 52 degrees C at idle.

I found this enclosure recently, wished I had found it first.

They all use the same connectors, one connector for each group of four drives.

Problem is, I’m not sure if I would damage or loose my Windows install if I transferred the drives into the new enclosures, even though the drives, cable connections and RAID controller card are the same.

RAID controller: BROADCOM SAS MegaRAID 9460-16i

Two of these cables, one for each RAID drive group and two hot spares:

Thank you for asking.

In the mean time I’m going to mount a fan and some small heat sinks to the existing drive enclosure.

No reason at all to expect any problems from changing the enclosure. Should boot just fine.


Thank you RCXB and Trooper_ish.

This hardware is very new to me, I greatly appreciate the information / answers I get here.

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