Is It Possible To Use Nvidia With Amd Based System?

Hello everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on the subject of, " Is it possible to use Nvidia with an Amd based system, by amd based i simply mean (AMD MOTHERBOARD CHIPSET (AM3+)---)(AMD FX 6100)



Regards Ryan.

You mean a Nvidia video card in a AMD computer? And yes you can use a nvidia video card in a AMD computer.

Yes, The Graphics card is not dependant on whether you use intel or AMD.

Okay Thankyoooo.


Regards Ryan.

I'm currently running an Intel i5 2500 with an Asus HD 7870, so yes, definitely possible... although upgrading soon and going all AMD :)

The only thing you can't mix & match of course is AMD platform mobo & Intel CPU and vice versa.... besides that, there's really no limit to what you can mix & match as long as the parts work together with each other, especially when it comes to the CPU & mobo.

Yup. They are independent of each other. I was running Amd phenom II 955 with GTX 560 Ti. 

The only time you really need to check a motherboard for GPU compatability (bar slot type etc) is if you planing on using SLi or Crossfire, not all boards support both or indeed either.