Is it possible to turn in an old PowerMac G5 to a recycling center?

Hey guys, I was wondering. I have a old-ass PowerMac G5 that I was trying to make into a regular computer case, but it's not going the way I was intending, so I was wondering if it's possible to go to a recycling center and turn in the case since its made of aluminum. Is that possible?

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The company I work at would. Most e-waste recycling companies take empty cases as its got a lot of metal value (though scrap prices have tanked recently). So I wouldn't see why not.

There is a local company in Portland called "FreeGeek" that takes old computers that then get broken down into their base components and recycled.
it's pretty brutal.

I was volunteering there and dismantled an old G3 Mac.

FreeGeek, yet another reason I want to move to Portland.
Linus did a video about the Canadian FreeGeek, and I must say I'm impressed at what all they do.

Sadly I'm in California, so I'm not even near a Freegeek. I'll try emailing some e-cycle company's to see if they'll take it. Thanks for the advise guys!

Where in Cali? (I'm from California too)

PM me if you want*

If you have the mobo and all the parts I want them.

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Erm, do you care if the logic board works? I may have been a little rough to it.


Never mind.

Come on man, dont give up!! Join the Club. Mine was Quite the feat and I made it through it.

the thing is that I don't have the tools, money, and time to make a cutout like that and to make a whole board fit, I might just go the ghetto way and just get some of the standoffs and glue them on to the case and screw in the mobo, then just run the wires through the expansion slots.