Is it possible to overclock in any way the Athlon64x2 QL-64 laptop CPU?

Yes, I know overclocking laptops is not recommended but I would have liked to try a 10% OC just for the sake of it, except the BIOS has no options, so softwares would be my last resort, is it even possible?

EDIT: I found out the way: by using K10stat i was able to manipulate both the base clock and the turbo clock by changing two simple parameters, very nice and useful program. Bumped up 200MHz on the CPU and it works like a charm. I won't go hard on this for safety reasons, I'll have to modify the laptop's cooling system and case in order to really take an advantage.

do you have spare parts and experience with machinery? build your own cooler.

and if software works do that, else look if there is a pin mod or pencil/pin mod.

i remember in the goo oll days that you could overclock with pencils. 

see here: (THIS IS NOT YOUR CPU!)