Is it possible to make physical Linux install into WSL?

Hey so this is an odd question and just curious if i can go about it and if so how;

So i have a 2 Drives NVME 1 (980 Pro NVME for windows Install) & NVME0 (Another 980 Pro Drive for Ubuntu Install)

But im wondering if im able to make the Ubuntu Install on the NVME drive or somehow mount the drive in WSL and use the install just how it is now with all my software/configs and whatnot as it is now under my buntu install but from WSL2 in windows, I know its possible to mount drives but not sure if its possible to convert an actual install into WSL so if anyone can help id be most grateful.

If I didn’t make it clear/make any sense at all of what I want to do please say so i can try to reword it, as I don’t know how to explain it myself really apart from;

  • Wanting to use my NVME with Ubuntu installed on WSL without losing any data if possible

  • thanks fin.